Beauty Salon: The way to find Love Again!

I am a simple house wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. I have never been that beauty conscious even when there was a beauty salon near me. All my time was spent in taking care of the house and my family. And as time passed I really did not care where my hair going or whether my I had lost that glow! And to be honest, neither did my entrepreneur husband! But that day was special. My eldest daughter was getting married the next month and for a change, we had all become emotional. It was our 25th Wedding Anniversary and I had almost forgotten when my husband kissed me and gave me a beautiful diamond bracelet. Happy and embarrassed I asked him what he wanted as a gift and to my surprise he said very lovingly “You”. My daughter held my hand and said “I will be married and gone next month but before that I want my Mom back!” And I thought no one cared about me. I was speechless!

I had not seen them so excited before but it made me nervous. I thought there was no beauty salon near me but there was! I hesitated as it had been many years since I visited any Salon. But the moment I entered this Salon, it was surprisingly very soothing. My daughter took an appointment and what followed was a hydrating experience. I simply relaxed on a couch and the beauticians worked on everything – Manicure, pedicure, my skin, hair, waxing everything! I was scared of waxing but it was all so smooth. They used all herbal products so my skin was safe!

And, OMG, the result was absolutely stunning. I could not recognize myself! My long black locks were shining with Burgundy streaks and my face had a rich glow which I saw after a long time. Really, the beauty salon near me was the best! My daughters screamed with joy when they saw me and my hubby, well I can still feel the warmth of that kiss and the love I saw in his eyes! It was bliss and that day I pledged to myself, I will always take care of myself, for the sake of my husband, for the sake of my children and for myself!