Japanese Style: Style your way to Frizz Free Silky Hair!

Japanese Style Hair Straightening is certainly the best treatment of the world!  !  I realized it but not before suffering with a bout of jealousy with an English friend of mine called Sarah! She has this long wavy hair which she used to tie in a tight ponytail. She went to an Indian Beauty Parlor and the Japanese Style Treatment had transformed her as if she had met a fairy!

Our group of friends was a great mix of Indians and English who enjoyed with each other except my childhood friend Saurabh who kept a distance with the English especially Sarah! It happened that the government organized a party only for us Indians, much to the disappointment of Sarah and other English friends. Though Saurabh was smiling and this made Sarah all the more determined to come but we laughed it off! She had decided she would visit an Indian Beauty Parlor. We were all missing Sarah when we arrived at the venue and just then someone behind us said “Namaste”! And when turned what we saw was nothing less than stunning. There stood Sarah wearing a Saree complete with bangles and dangles and her hair was so beautiful! It had volume, bounce and shine and was flowing freely! My God! That night all eyes were on her and Saurabh, he was speechless!

When we insisted she said she had a Hair straightening treatment called Japanese style or Thermal Reconditioning at an Indian Beauty Parlor. She said it starts with the washing of hair with a herbal shampoo after which straightening lotion and other types of creams are applied to the virgin roots of hair and the hair is detangled and straightened to smooth out. She told us that the process took 3 to 6 hours. And the rest of the job was done by the Make-up specialists and said “here I am yours truly Miss. India”. Yes, she truly looked like a Miss. India or shall I say Miss. World! And now Sarah is going to be a Mom and guess who is the father to be – Saurabh, who else? He had proposed her right there only two year ago! And so the Japanese style lead to a Wedding, Indian style.