A Life Changing Experience!

I was a simple academically oriented woman and had stayed away from a Beauty Salon before this experience. I have very long and thick hair and I was proud of it but I wondered why no one else was attracted to it. It happened that we had to go for my cousin’s wedding to San Jose CA. There I was talking with my sister who praised my long hair to which I replied disappointedly “What is the use when nobody is impressed!” Immediately she realized my problem and she said “Your hair is beautiful but it needs proper and regular care to make it look beautiful!” I was surprised but somewhat understood her. I told her that I keep it clean and oil it regularly what else should I do? She smiled, held my hand and said “Come with me”. She took me and we stopped before a Beauty Salon.

I screamed and ran back to the car. After her insistence, I relented as I did not want to disappoint her. The moment we entered the beauty salon, the ambience had a calming effect on me. It soothed my nerves in an amazing way. A set of smiling hair stylists greeted us while my sister explained my problem to them. I was still very nervous though. But they consoled me and told me that they used all Herbal products and there was nothing to worry!

They started with washing my hair carefully followed by trimming and I was as depressed that my precious locks were on the floor! I decided to close my eyes tightly to be saved from further heart break. After sometime the hair stylist asked me to open my eyes! My heart beat was racing and with fearfully I opened my eyes and there in the mirror what I saw was magic! My long curly burgundy colored locks that had a beautiful shine. It was amazing! I screamed with joy. What next, I was the center of attraction at the marriage. Everyone was talking about me! I was so happy! The Beauty Salon had changed me, from simple, I became shining!

I cannot thank that Beauty Salon enough for the way it changed my life and now I am keeping my promise to them to give my hair Salon care regularly!